The 7 questions for optimal collaboration – Teaching Tuesdays

These 7 coaching questions will help you create a higher state of collaboration with the people you manage. Please pay attention to the underlying conversation they are having with you during the discussion through their body language, tone of voice and the expressions used. Foremost, listening more than you talk would be the first way to maintain rapport during this conversion. Don’t finish their sentences or put words where you think they should be. You must be in an allowing state yourself to let the coachee create their own images or thoughts.

I believe you should contextualize the meeting by framing the purpose and the outcome of the exercise. Let the employee know that you are starting a process that you see as a way to enhance collaboration, and that you want to (maintain, augment) the harmony between you and them.

Here are the questions, you will find over time that some questions are easier to ask than others… just stay the course and you’ll see that the new listening will bring a higher state of rapport and trust (the good kind).

  1. What motivates you to come in for work every day? On a scale of 1 to 13, how would you rate your overall motivation? What needs to happen to get a 13/13??
  2. Describe the best working relationship you’ve had. What made it a 10 on 10? How can I be a 10 for you?
  3. What would you need from me to maintain the very best from you?
  4. How do you think I should best approach you when stress levels are high?
  5. I like to praise people – but not randomly. How do you prefer praise to be given to you?
  6. If ever there is a conflict or a difference in opinion in a situation between you and I, how would you like for me to approach it?
  7. Is there anything I can do to help you succeed as a __________?

Remember, according to their own unique styles, they will answer in very different ways… your best friend here is silence and what we call in coaching “ white space” where they can find an answer. Give them that space and be curious by asking often “What else about that?”

Your biggest enemy is closed questions with yes or no answers.

Good luck and let me know how it went!