Synergistic Governance: Accompaniment Program

This program will create a synergistic relationship between Directors General and their elected officials. Included in this program is the clarification of roles and responsibilities of all parties and a keen understanding of the legal actions required of the council of trustees/commissioners and the management team. It is a pairing of two key elements: training of the elected officials to master the following 5 disciplines of synergistic governance and matching it to the leadership team’s approach.

  1. Group cohesion: maintaining a high level of cohesion amongst board members as well as with the management team
  2. Organizational clarity: Maintain clarity about the 6 key questions:
    1. Why do we exist?
    2. How do we behave?
    3. What do we do?
    4. How will we succeed?
    5. What is most important right now?
    6. Who must do what?
  3. Active Participation: Understanding the complementary roles of the board members
  4. Monitoring: Understanding accountability, legal and financial responsibilities
  5. Efficiency and functionality: implementing effective meetings structures

This program includes the following components:

  1. Initial meeting to plan out the timeline
  2. Training: 5 disciplines of synergistic governance for all administrators and governance members
  3. Review of all corporate documents of the organization
  4. Assessment of governance tasks and responsibilities through survey
  5. Review and adjustment of governance calendar
  6. Implementation of strategies and tools according to needs
  7. Training: strategic approach to different types of meetings and how to keep meetings effective
  8. Accompaniment during meetings

To facilitate a more efficient governance team, we use the following tools to improve your practice and help you become a synergistic governance team quickly:

  • A model for effective meetings – tactical versus strategic
  • Governance calendar
  • Animate a work retreat
  • Pyramid of collaboration and group cohesiveness
  • Statutes, Regulations, Policy and Standard Administrative Guidelines


This accompanying program ensures that you comply with the fiduciary responsibilities imposed by Canadian legislation as it applies to not-for-profit organizations. It will also allow you to maximize the impact and results of your organization through high-level collaboration between senior management and the council of elected officials or board of directors. Follow this link for more information.

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