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Project Manager, Sandra Beauchamp has nearly 20 years of experience in human resources, including 5 as a shool principal. She has worked in the government and private sectors where she gained experience in staffing, performance evaluation, organizational diagnosis, creation of salary grids and development of human resources policies.

Sandra demonstrates a high level of collaboration and a desire to support clients when managing and delivering projects. Her enthusiasm for human resources and everything around them shines through when she takes action to help Clients achieve their results.844-454-6470, poste 703
Project Manager, Lysiane Daval has over 12 years of experience in project management and community development. Originally from France, she has worked in the school, community and government sectors where she gained experience in communication, events coordination, partnerships and sponsorships and training impact assessment.

Lysiane demonstrates adaptability in project management to meet the different needs of each Client. She is passionate about training and the community environment, and her attention to precision and detail ensures the high quality of the mandates she takes on.844-454-6470, poste 722
Project Manager, Rougui Bah has 5 years of experience in data collection and analysis and in project management. She holds a Master’s Degree in Medical Sociology from the University of Ottawa and has worked in government and community settings.

With her experience in data processing, qualitative and quantitative research and mental health, Rougui ensures the performance of tasks related to data collection and analysis and project management. She demonstrates an eye for detail and a sense of initiative that enables her to prepare relevant and high quality tools.844-454-6470, poste 713
Project Manager and Instructor, Daniel Bigonesse has over 30 years of experience in facilitation, consulting and capacity development. He has worked in finance, consumer products, education, government and community circles where he has spent his career helping people broaden their thinking and discover new possibilities.

With his sharp wit, questioning skills and productive thinking techniques, Daniel helps Clients bring out the best in their people and organization and find practical solutions to their challenges. Clients recognize him for his high level content sessions in a relaxed and entertaining style. Daniel’s passion for purposeful thinking is rooted in a deep commitment to helping people learn and achieve results.844-454-6470, poste 708
Project Manager, Mireille Giroux has more than 23 years of experience in communications, events and internal project management in communications, marketing, event logistics and the implementation of winning strategies.

Mireille listens to the needs of Clients and her caring and human approach allows her to deliver high quality projects that meet the expectations of our clientele. Mireille often finds herself in the background of the delivery of our trainings and ensures the smooth running of all the details that make up the Discitus experience. 844-454-6470, poste 717
Project Manager, Anabel Beaudry Sarazin has over 15 years of experience in project management, governance and organizational development. She holds a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Ottawa and has led the implementation of strategic plans, organizational analysis and development of continuous improvement strategies. She has held various positions as an Organization Director, Development Officer, Project Manager and Project Portfolio Manager.

Anabel uses her great creativity by finding practical solutions adapted to the needs of Clients. Continuous improvement and innovation are second nature to her, and she always comes up with an idea to increase efficiency.844-454-6470, poste 704
Project Manager, Julie Léger has more than 10 years of experience in research, writing and project management. She has worked as a Senior Manager of a community organization and as a Researcher in institutional and government settings. She also has solid experience as a Director on several Boards.

Julie is extremely versatile and has an ability to develop practical solutions to complex issues and situations. 844-454-6470, poste 702
Officer and Project Manager, Maxime Pagé is involved in several internal and external projects at Discitus. She has to her credit an active participation in the development of visibility and sponsorship plans, in the creation of training content and practical guides, as well as in organizational development projects such as market research.

A student in Education at the University of Ottawa, Maxime is keen to support clients in achieving their goals. She is well recognized for the desire to always offer quality work on time. 844-454-6470, poste 710
Project Officer, Marie Roy is taking full advantage of her retirement after more than 40 years in administration. She has worked at the federal, provincial, private and community levels in various positions, including team supervisor, assistant superintendent and project manager.

Marie provides essential support to the Discitus team and ensures the quality of services by conducting satisfaction surveys. Mary can always be counted on to accomplish her tasks quickly and efficiently. It is not for nothing that her colleagues have nicknamed her Marie-Machine.
Trainer and Consultant, Pierre Bourbeau has over 16 years of leadership experience in the management of community, provincial and national organizations, and over 15 years as a consultant and facilitator. He works in the sectors of culture, health, education and community development and in the public sector.

Pierre has a strong capacity for analysis and synthesis which enables him to develop rigorous and sustainable solutions. He has collaborated on initiatives in strategic planning, organizational analysis, human resources, governance and change management. He also leads work, consultation and strategic reflection meetings. 844-454-6470, poste 705
Accountant Manager, Nicole Fortin has several years of experience in finance and accounting. She handles the accounting for a wide range of organizational clients in French Ontario.

Nicole has an eye for detail and thoroughness that ensures that she always delivers a high quality product. Her financial knowledge and extensive research greatly contribute to the success of the business. 844-454-6470, poste 720
Instructor and Consultant, Micheline Boisvert-Vachon has more than 28 years of experience in education, including 20 as a school principal. At Discitus, she ensures the success of the Human Resources sector and specializes in organizational health, that is to say everything that touches the human aspect in the workplace, from team cohesion to efficient meetings to difficult conversations, collaborative work, clarity and process alignment.

Micheline is a good listener and knows how to quickly identify the issues that are eating away at you. Her weapon of choice is to ask the right questions at the right time. Micheline has collaborated on initiatives in change management, human resources, group facilitation and the development of high impact training content.

844-454-6470, poste 706
Instructor and Consultant, Alain Vachon has over 25 years of experience in leadership, business management, community involvement and over 30 years as an instructor and facilitator. He has worked in education, health, community development in the private and public sectors.

Alain has an innate ability to identify issues that can bog down dysfunctional groups and organizations and his great strength is in refueling people to better collaborate and achieve established collective results. Alain has collaborated on initiatives in strategic planning, training content development, group facilitation, human resources, strategic communications (internal and external), community cohesion and governance. 844-454-6470, poste 707
Responsible for hospitality and moral support, Sandale Boisvert-Vachon has been the unofficial mascot of Discitus since the start of the company. Sandale takes her role as welcoming committee for the team and guests very seriously, and never fails to respond.

Her unparalleled enthusiasm for purses and cushions is palpable. Her colleagues often quote their contract when talking about Sandale: “Any other related task!”

Sandale doesn't take phone calls... you have to come out to meet her for a little quiet time and to pet her a little.