Our Team

Lou Vescio

Co-Founder, Coach, Trainer & Consultant

An innate educational leader, Lou strongly believes that leadership involves building capacity in people while creating an environment that supports and develops their individual talents and abilities.

Bonnie Mitchell

Coach, Trainer & Consultant

As a Consultant for coaching and training, Bonnie brings over 25 years experience in many roles in the field of education and community development.

Micheline Boisvert Vachon

Micheline Boisvert Vachon

Coach, Trainer and Consultant

With over 27 years of experience in education, management and leadership, Micheline has developed a great ability to reduce conflicts and eliminate politics in favor of increasing collaboration and achieving high levels of performance.

Alain Vachon


With more than 25 years of business management and leadership experience, Alain has developed a keen ability to recognize how organizations get bogged down with dysfunction, confusion and miscommunication – and how to retool for a healthy, high-performing organization.