Alain Vachon


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With more than 25 years of business management and leadership experience, Alain has developed a keen ability to recognize how organizations get bogged down with dysfunction, confusion and miscommunication – and how to retool for a healthy, high-performing organization. Alain has an extensive background in serving multiple industries including education, professional service corporations, nonprofit organizations, and the private sector.

Alain has first-hand experience building his own high-performance teams in the community and in the corporate environment. His genuine care and concern for people is immediately evident. His experience and training as a professional coach makes him quite comfortable navigating difficult interpersonal issues that may prevent team cohesion and organizational clarity. As one client stated,

Alain understands people. He possesses that rare ability to lead people through challenging questions and conversations that result in actionable solutions, building a foundation of trust, engaging in true debate that results in better decisions that team members can commit to.

His passion is his Coach-Approach with Clients who see the need for change and are committed to making organizational health stick.

As a consultant with Discitus, Alain spends most of his time working with CEO’s, board members, executives and team members at all levels to quickly and effectively assess complex problems and identify solutions to maximize their effectiveness. His approach accelerates outcomes that lead to genuine organizational growth. Whether he is leading a 2-day offsite with a leadership team, speaking to a group of managers or individually coaching leaders, Alain’s enthusiasm and commitment to results are undeniable. The combination of Wiley Publishing and Discitus content with Alain’s passion for organizational health equips leaders to implement sustainable improvements. Alain’s focus creates lasting change, not just quick fixes. The majority of Alain’s Clients work with him for long-term engagements to reach maximum results.

Prior to founding Discitus in 2009, Alain lead a Strategic communications agency and many high level projects in his community.

To get Alain’s attention simply whisper “Namaste with Gratitude”. You’ll find him living with his former “dolphin” wife, Micheline in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.