Bonnie Mitchell

Coach, Trainer & Consultant

1.800.272.3472 X 9918


As a Consultant for coaching and training, Bonnie brings over 25 years experience in many roles in the field of education and community development. An effective leader, Bonnie works with teams of administrators to develop strategic directions for present and future development across sectors. In addition to her coaching abilities, she also develops strategic communication and marketing plans. Having managed large teams in various departments, she can accompany Clients in achieving greater results through her Coach-Approach to consulting.

Throughout Bonnie’s career she taught adolescents at risk, led and managed teacher teams, mentored new administrators, and coached executive boards of directors; and now the same authentic ability to listen, help, and lead has brought her to work with the Discitus team.

Whether Bonnie is working with a school team, coaching leaders in management, or using her NLP practitioner skills to help improve communication, she brings her enthusiastic energy, passion and leadership skills to every Client.

Bonnie’s background in NLP and experience creates the ideal conditions for integrating the Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team and the Everything DiSC tools and concept in Clients environments to enhance performance and team cohesiveness. From self discovery to mastering influence by understanding others, she brings collaboration to a higher level.

Bonnie’s professional career started as a clown… and it ended unceremoniously when she grew up and became a Mom, a dog and cat parent, an outdoorsy cottage girl and life partner to the most talented carpenter in southwest Quebec. Bonnie spends lots of time with her family swimming and clowning around at the lake. As a lifelong learner, reading is at the core of Bonnie’s hobbies.


  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Education
  • Graduate Diploma in Education
  • Master Of Arts in Educational Leadership
  • Practitioner Certification NLP
  • Everything DiSC™ Trainer
  • Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ Trainer