Introduction to Change Management

  • Are present changes giving you the results you hoped to see?
  • Would you like to change people’s moods and reactions to change?
  • How do manage a change so that it is gentle and painless?
  • Is change necessary?

Even though change is practical and sometimes necessary, it is not always greeted with ease and joy. Even though it is inevitable, most people do not welcome change and even resist it unless they are the ones initiating the change. The leader’s behaviour and ability to manage teams through change determines the stress level of the team as they navigate through the transition period. This daylong session includes the following steps to help leaders understand, reflect and find strategies for change management:

  1. Understanding the triggers and need for change
  2. Analysis of change steps and predicting challenges
  3. Planning & Preparation
  4. Inspiring & Implementing
  5. Execution & Monitoring
  6. Reflecting and Recognition


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