Discovering Your Unique Management Style (Understanding differentiated personnel management)

  • What style of behavior guides your leadership?
  • How do you motivate and create an environment that you want?
  • How do you approach directing or delegating?
  • What is your approach when training or mentoring others?

This daylong training is designed for managers who wish to adopt an individualized approach with their personnel. The entire session is based on the individual online questionnaire that each participant completes. The report will help you discover your DiSC profile and ensures an ultra-personalized day. (Download a sample of a personalized report) This training session, video segments, and our coach approach offers you a quality learning experience that you can put into practice immediately. The participants will realize their strengths and challenges as leaders. They will learn how to adapt their responses and practices to the needs of the people they manage. This daylong training includes 5 interactive sections:

  1. Your Unique Management style according to DiSC
  2. Leading and Delegating effectively
  3. Motivating
  4. Mentoring others for improved performance
  5. Working effectively with your manager

The DiSC report for managers is a simple tool that gives you useful information that will help you understand others and yourself more effectively. This knowledge will help guide you in your choices of what to do and what not to do with colleagues in all collaborative settings. The report takes the information provided in your responses from the online questionnaire and provides you with a wealth of information about your own preferential management behavior and that of your colleagues. It will guide you through strategies to adapt your approach and better communicate with people whose preferences are different than your own.

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